Meet your customers at the right place, at the right time, and on the right device


Digital transformation can be intimidating – especially when you’re unfamiliar to the world of ecommerce and mcommerce. Let us be your guide and help you navigate through the digital jungle. The success of your business is counting on you figuring it out.

The world is changing fast. In the past it was good enough to have a website, be on Facebook and Twitter, and if you sent weekly email campaigns then you were ahead of the curve. Unfortunately, those days are long gone and it’s increasingly difficult to engage with your audience. Technology is forcing your audience to change. They don’t behave like they use to and new technologies are influencing how they interact with brands on a daily basis. Today you’re expected to meet your customers at the right place, at the right time, and on the right device, which can sound nearly impossible.


The Right Place

In order to know where your customers are, you need to deeply know and understand your customer. Do you know their gender? What age demographic do they fall under? What are their interests and hobbies? What devices do they prefer? For example, if your target audience are females, between 45-54 years old, interested in Arts & Entertainment, and on their phones 60% of the time – then this can help drive your digital initiatives. On the other hand, if you thought your audience composed of females, 25-34 years old, interested in News & Politics, and rely on their Alexa for information – then this strategy would look very different. Collect and analyze your data, or let Google Analytics do it for you, and get to know your customer. Learn where your audience hangs out and meet them there.


The Right Time

Timing is everything. Ads are more intrusive and overwhelming today than 3 years ago. Meeting your customer at the right time means being present when they’re looking for you. If you annoy your ideal customer with an intrusive or over-the-top digital strategy, then you run the risk of your brand having a negative association with your target audience. For example, rather than having a clothing item pop-up on a boutique’s ecommerce, homepage with the title “You’ll love This,” instead wait for the user to click on an initial clothing item and make suggestions of similar items to purchase beneath that which already caught their eye.  


The Right Device

Did you know people are on their phones for an average of 3 hours per day? Did you know the ratio between device preference for mobile and desktop is a 60-40 split? Did you know that 86% of mobile users prefer mobile apps to mobile websites? If you’re not engaging with your customers on mobile then you’re missing out. Whether it’s a custom mobile app or a mobile friendly website – it’s imperative that you embrace the mobile movement.

Still intimidated to transform your business to digital? We’d love to chat and help guide you along the way!


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